The Living Will Kit

"Protect Your Loved Ones With A Living Will Dying without a Living Will is one of the biggest mistakes you can make"


The Living Will Kit

  • A Living Will shows you care about your family.
  • You plan your medical care with a Living Will.
  • It makes your wishes clear to all caregivers.
  • Gives informed consent in advance.
  • Avoids uncertainty and family quarrels.

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Why do you need a Living Will?

  • No Living Wills

    If you don’t have a Living Will, your family will be burdened with your care in the event you cannot speak or act for yourself.

  • Certainty

    You are speaking for yourself as you are directing the way you should be cared for an event of your mental or physical disability.

Disabled Without A Living Will

If you become disabled and do not have a Living Will, your family will have to make  decisions for you.

  • Are you close with your family? Do they care what happens to you?

  • Do you want to be kept alive artificially for perhaps a long time?

  • Do you have a choice of doctors or hospitals? Are they close by?

  • Would you prefer to be at home surrounded by friends and family?

  • Would you like to make these decisions for yourself? Is there someone you want excluded?

  • A Living Will prevents any infighting between relatives, doctors and nursing staff about your best care.

  • Who will make financial decisions for you? Or do you want the government to step in?

  • Have you made a Legal Will in the event of your death to make sure your property is divided as you wish?

Exactly What You Get With The Living Will Kit

Why You Need a Living Will

Your Living Will is a set of instructions about what you want to happen in the event you are unable to make critical decisions for yourself.

Your Living Will can specify the individual you trust to make these decisions when you can’t speak for yourself. They can also specify your wishes regarding a number of other important issues as well, including your desire for ‘heroic measures’ to resuscitate you and general guidance.

Living Wills Help Prevent Family Nightmares

Without a Living Will in place, your family may be helpless to make medical decisions, because the hospital lawyers say they don’t have the authority.

A Living Will protects your interests and family from infighting and is simply your set of instructions.

But only 25 percent of people have a Living Will in place.

The fact is that along with your Last Will and Testament, your Living Will is one of the foundational documents of any financial plan. It’s among the most vital legal documents you can have – but you have to have it in place before you need it.

Most lawyers charge hundreds of dollars to create a Living Will, anywhere from $500 to $700. But if you act now, you can have a fully operational living will in place today for just $47.00!

All you have to do is download our easy-to-use Living Will Kit by clicking here. And you’ll get a Legal Will too!

You’ll be on your way in seconds! And the Living Will, done in accordance with the laws in your state or province will be effective just as soon as it’s signed and witnessed.

Immediate Answers Your Living Will Can Provide

  • Directions

    You specify your wishes concerning “heroic measures” to prolong your life, provide DNR (do not resuscitate) or other directions.

    You provide directions regarding intravenous food and water or feeding tubes.

    You provide instructions for dialysis regarding blood transfusion, CPR, drug administration, and general care.

  • Legal Issues

    You can appoint a health care proxy or a friend, authorized to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated.

    He or she can express your wishes regarding organ donation.

    That person can also provide directions about whether you want to die at home or in a hospital.

  • Satisfaction

    You now have everything in place and you can be satisfied that you have done your best for yourself and your family. You have protected them from conflict and anguish and you know that both your Legal Will and Living Will ensure your wishes will be carried out.


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  • Easy to Use

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You have read about the problems about not having a Living Will.
And you know how to free yourself from that feeling of frustration and unpreparedness.

ACT NOW! Living Will for ONLY $39.00

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